I made a choice to get certified as a Seniors Real Estate Specialist (SRES) because I enjoy working with mature adults and helping older adults navigate life's transitions. I have made many similar transitions and have helped parents, friends and clients do the same. There is a great reason I choose to focus on this segment of my business and that is because I like helping people.

Newly retired? Empty nester? Widow/Widower? Any of these transitions can precipitate a huge change in lifestyle, with many adjustments and decisions - only one of which is where to live. I will listen to your concerns and share potential solutions and resources to help make your decisions. By focusing part of my business on seniors, I understand which properties come closest to meeting my clients needs - and where to find many other valuable resources.

As an SRES I understand that major life changes are never easy, and I don't shy away from the difficult topics and the difficult emotions that often accompany these decisions. I understand your priorities change when your life changes. I help you find solutions to make a smoother transition.


With all you may have to do right now, let me take the stress out of your real estate decisions.

As a Realtor I am a valuable resource for all your real estate needs. If you are a senior, family member or a trustee of the estate, as a Seniors Real Estate Specialist, SRES®, I have sensitivity to issues and priorities that may affect you. My training includes extensive education on topics such as: tax laws, probate, estate planning, and equity conversion strategies. I can easily point you to professionals in these areas.

Why turn to a Seniors Real Estate Specialist to assist you with your real estate needs?

*An SRES® understands that the decision to sell can be difficult.

*An SRES® can patiently support you through each step and stick with you throughout the process.

*An SRES® can draw upon a network of other professionals focused on 50+ clients.

*An SRES® can provide assistance with movers, stagers, contractors, estate sales and cleaning services.

Selling a home can be an emotional time, potentially involving other life decisions. I understand the many issues facing older adults and their families. By taking a non-pressure approach, I can help you navigate your choices and may be able to suggest alternatives that assist with your specific needs.